Template for Instructions

Please adapt the instructions appropriate for the device to prevent damage and ensure appropriate operation.

This document must be on the wiki-page for the devie AND in the lab book or close by.


EquipmentLocationResponsible Person
Leica DM i8 fluo. microscope with incubator (inverted)Main labShilpi
Pipetting robot (N3)otherEllen
Incubators2nd floor labReiner
mutronic diadrive 2000 CNCMachine shopMoritz
Lager TheressienstrasseotherMartin/Reiner
Fluostar (fluoresence plate reader)Main labMartin
Lumistar (fluoresence plate reader)Main labMartin
Sartorius Fine Balance2nd floor labReiner
Muse (low cost flow cytometer)2nd floor labEllen
pH-Meter Imolab2nd floor labReiner
Micro Star Centrifuge2nd floor labReiner
Osmomat 30002nd floor labReiner
TC10 Cell Counter (Biorad)2nd floor labReiner
Macs QuantMain labMoritz/Ellen
SysmexMain labMohsin
Hettich CentrifugeMain labReiner
CentrifugeBio2 labReiner
Milli-Q (DISCONTINUED)Main labReiner
Leica DMIL (inverted; fluorescent one)Main labMoritz
Leica DMIL (inverted)Main labEllen
Nikon (inverted)Main labShilpi
Olympus (inverted)2nd floor labReiner
DHM Bio 1 Setup (currently at Heart Center)Main labMohsin
DHM Bio 2 SetupBio2 labMohsin
Leica DM6 (upright)Main labMoritz
Leica DM3 XLClean roomZia / Yiying
Kloe UV KUB2 (exposure system)Clean roomShilpi / Ellen / Moritz / Akif
Kloe Dilase 250 (laser lithography)Clean roomShilpi / Ellen / Moritz / Akif
Laurell WS650 Spin coater (flow box; photoresist)Clean roomAkif
Laurell WS650 Spin coater (fumehood; pdms)Clean roomAkif
Diener Zepto Plasma (oxygen supply)Clean roomMoritz
Micrometer GaugeClean roomMoritz
Contact angle (custom)Clean roomMoritz
Solarton 1260 Impedance SpectrometerMain labMartin
ivium Impedance Spectrometer (Suitcase)
Spectrum analyzer (N3; Rhode Schwarz)otherShilpi
Storage Server/softwareotherMartin K. / Mohsin
GPU Server/softwareotherMartin K. / Mohsin
Remote PCs (Kaluza, FlowJo, etc.; Garching)otherMartin K. / Mohsin
3D printer (Formlab)2nd floor labChris
3D printer (Ultimaker)2nd floor labChris
Density & sound velocity (Anton Paar)Main labShilpi
Student PCs (10)Main labIngrid
Leica DMi8 Thunder (inverted)2nd floor labHelen
Soldering stationMachine shopReiner
Fume hood (etching, development, photoresist)Clean roomReiner
Fume hood (PDMS, development, ...)Clean roomReiner
cleaning benches, etcClean roomAll
sterile working
Upgrade to S2
Bio2 labReiner / Martin
Organoid (tbd)
cleaning benches, including refrigerator, etcMain labReiner
Group's responsibility
sterile working
cleaning benches, including refrigerator, etc
2nd floor labReiner/Martin
Group's responsibility
no cleaning staffMachine shopReiner
Individual user
Autoclave (1st & 2nd floor)otherReiner
Hot plate (photo resist)Clean roomAkif
Hot plate + controller (800°C)Clean roomMoritz
Ultrasound bath (large)Clean roomReiner
Spetec laminar flow (photo resist)Clean roomReiner
Spetec laminar flow (PDMS)Clean roomReiner
Nikon Stereo MicroscopeClean roomMoritz
3D printer (Formlab)Machine shopBach / Chris D.
3D printer (Ultimaker)Machine shopUsman / Bach
Oven Memmert (new/large)Clean roomShilpi
Oven (old/small)Clean roomShilpi
Phrozen 3D PrinterMachine shop


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