Plasma technology can be used on different materials such as glass, metal, plastics, textiles and ceramics. It can be used for:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface activation → Hydrophilic PDMS surface
  • Surface etching 
  • Surface deposition - plasmapolymerization


  • Generator: 13.6 MHz, 0-300 W, automatic matching
  • Vacuum chamber: Round, borosilicate glass, cover, ∅ approx. 105 mm; lenght: 300 mm, volume: approx. 2.6 L
  • Gas supply: Needle valve


The basic process consists of following steps:

  • Turn on the oxygen 
  • Place your material into the machine
  • Start the operation
  • Take out the material when the operation is finished
  • Turn off the oxygen 
  • Turn off the machine



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