In this student project a semantic 3D city model of New York City (NYC) has been created based on datasets provided in the NYC Open Data Portal. Different 3D feature types were derived from existing public 2D and 2.5D datasets using spatial and semantic transformations together with (some) photogrammetric analyses. The resulting 3D city model is represented in a homogenized and integrated way using the international standard CityGML of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). It comprises all NYC buildings, land parcels, roads, parks, the digital terrain model, and water bodies – all with 3D geometries. To the best of our knowledge it is the first publicly available big 3D city model of a large city in the USA which is based on official governmental data. The project was carried out in the context of three master's theses within the master's program Geodesy and Geoinformation at TUM.

Please follow all the sections. We constantly update the content of this Wiki according to the improvements and extensions of the project. Please check the 'Recent space activity' and 'News' fields on the bottom of this page in order to see the latest updates.

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Project Website

Link to Project Website and Data Downloads: Click here

Demo Videos

This short video shows the digital city model of New York City generated in the course of this project. The first part of the video shows the city model itself, while the second part demonstrates its Web-Map-Client visualization.

The video shows a KML visualization in GoogleEarth for selected parts of this city model. Iconic buildings and places such as the Empire State Building or Broadway are displayed.

Online Viewer Demos

Textured LoD2 Web Map Client of NYC for Buildings and Streetspace

Click here to launch the Online LoD2 Viewer Demo in your web browser (Google Chrome recommended). This Web Map Client Demo contains all street space objects as well as all building objects of New York City in LoD2. More than 1'000'000 building objects and more than 500'000 street space objects were generated entirely from Open Data. Multiple thematic layers, each enriched with a variety of semantic information, can be selected individually.

Click here for a collection of Online Viewer Demos

Comparison: Building Models in LoD2 vs. Colored Point Cloud

New York City Model Panorama

The image below displays a wide angle panorama of central Manhattan of the city model generated. Iconic buildings and places such as the 'Empire State Building' or 'Times Square' can be examined. If the image isn't displayed to its full extend on your screen, use the scroll bar underneath the image.

Recent space activity


The FME Workspaces generated in the course of this project are now available for download on the project's GitHub page. Link:
The Chair of Geoinformatics (TUM) presents an improved digital 3D city model of New York City. The generated CityGML compliant LoD2 datasets can be downloaded freely from our project website While including new building models in LoD2, this city model especially provides detailed representations of the NYC street space. A total of over 500,000 street space objects are represented by integrating 11 thematic object classes such as ‘Roadbeds’,…

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