We cordially invite you, dear Postdocs, to participate in the Postdoc Day 2023 on the 9th of May - in the Vorhoelzer Forum at the TUM City Campus.

The Postdoc Day is structured in two parts:

  • Join us at 9:30 – 12:30 for coffee & tea, if you are intrested to meet many experts from different support structures available for TUM Postdocs at the TU Munich.
    • You are welcome to consult them for any questions arising for example when arriving here in Munich, when searching for accommodation or when looking for language courses. Furthermore, you will learn about various opportunities to expand your skillset as a postdoc. In addition, you will be provided information about funding opportunities for your future career by TUM ForTe.
    • The TUM support structures available on this event to you will be:
    • ·        TUM Research Funding Support (TUM ForTe) / TUM Talent Factory
      ·        TUM Global & Alumni (Welcome Services)
      ·        TUM Language Center
      ·        TUM Family & Accomodation
      ·        TUM University Library
      ·        Stabsstelle Diversity & Equal Opportunities
      ·        TUM Munich Dual Career Office
      ·        TUM Institute for Life Long Learning
      ·        TUM ProLehre
      ·        TUM Entrepreneurship
    • ·        TUM Patents & Licenses
      ·        TUM Sustainability
      ·        TUM Compliance
  • After a break, we will continue at 14:30 with the Munich Postdoc Network (MPN) Program „Insights into Leadership“ (POSTDOC DAY | Munich Postdoc Network (mpg.de)
    • Join us for an exciting program with great talks and a panel discussion on Leadership in different work environments – with different perspectives from academia and industry.
    • 14:30 h – Welcome
    • 14:45 h – Keynote: “Leadership in Academia” – Prof. Gümüsay (LMU)
    • 15:45 h – Coffeebreak
    • 16:00 h – Panel discussion: "Leadership in different work environments" – Christian Tidona (BioMedX), Barbara Steigenberger (MPIB), Serena Schwenkert (LMU), Franziska Traube (TUM)
    • 17:15 h – Impulse lecture: „The importance of networking for leaders“ – Maria-Valerie Schegk (TUM)
    • 18:15 h (open end) – MPN Stammtisch and networking session

Build new connections with Postdocs in Munich from different institutions and enjoy a nice evening in the Vorhoelzer Forum. 

Please note, that you will have to register for these events in advance here:

To register, please fill in the following details:

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Furthermore, you can revoke your consent at any time without any adverse consequences.

Please send any notice of cancellation to: Technische Universität München; TUM ForTe, Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München; E-Mail: postdoc-application@tum.de. In the event of cancellation, your data will be deleted upon receipt of your notice.

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