In this manual we show you, how to set up a connection to the Wi-Fi network "eduroam" with your Windows device with a consisting data link. 

Safety note

To securely access the Internet via the Wi-Fi network eduroam you must install the suitable configuration profile. Logging in without proper configuration poses security risks for your personal data!


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Open to download the needed configuration profile. 
Click on the blue button "download your eduroam installer". 

Screenshot: Download eduroam installer

In the next step select as home institution "Technical University of Munich (TUM)".
If TUM is not listed, use the search function and search for "TUM".

Screenshot: Home institution

Download the configuration profile by clicking on the blue button "Windows XX".
The software version gets recognized automatically. 

Screenshot: Download configuration profile

Open the software installer and confirm the next steps, to download the configuration profile.

Safety note

Your Windows might show you a safety note, that this programm/app hazards your device. Continue the installation process.

Screenshot: Start installation

Screenshot: Step two

Enter your user credentials as shown:, e.g.
You find your TUM ID in TUMonline at "E-mail-adresses". 
Enter your personal password.
Your personal password is your TUMonline password.

Tip user name

Enter your user name as shown and your device connects automatically, everywhere available, to "eduroam".  

Screenshot: User credentials

The installation is complete.

Your device connects automatically to the Wi-Fi eduroam.
IF NOT: Select eduroam from the list of Wi-Fis and connect to it by double click on eduroam. 

Screenshot: Installation complete