In this manual we show you what profiles in TUMonline are and how you can switch between different profiles.


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What is an account?

An account is a user account in TUMonline that you can access using your user name and password.

What is a profile?

  • A profile represents a specific user group of TUM, which you are assigned to with your user account, e.g. staff members, students or alumni.

  • Different profiles have different rights assigned to them and allow you to use specific applications. E.g. the application “My Achievements” is only available if you have a student profile, but not if you are a staff member.
  • You can be assigned to several user groups at the same time, thus have several profiles, for example the “Staff” as well as the “Students” profile. In this case you can switch between these profiles.

Switch profiles

Please log in to TUMonline.

If you have several profiles, you can see them by clicking on your name.

Click on the profile you wish to switch to:

Screenshot: Switch profile

Setting a standard profile

In “Personal settings” (click on your name) you can define the default profile you want to log in wTUMith:

Screenshot: “Personal settings”

Choose your default profile and save the settings by clicking on the “Apply changes” button:

Screenshot: Choosing a default profile