In this manual you learn more about the TUMonline application "Courses".
The application "Courses" displays all published courses of TU Munich. In addition, students will find a brief overview of their course registrations and their bookmarked courses.

The course registration is changed to asynchronous registration procedures as of winter semester 2020/21. The time of registration is not important anymore as there will be no more first come, first served principle.

From winter semester 2020/21 the course registration is changed to asynchronous registration procedures. The time of registration is no longer important (in contrast to First Come, First Served so far). However, just the registration does not imply a fixed place. More informationon course registration, course bookmarks, etc. can be found in the page hierarchy on the left or the related topics in the box on the right.


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Courses from winter semester 2020/21

Open the application "Courses" on your desktop. All courses offered at TU Munich in the current semester will be displayed. You can change the semester or filter by a certain organization.

If you select your curriculum, all published courses that are assigned to your curriculum will be displayed. In addition, you can find a brief overview of all registered courses (“My Courses”) as well as bookmarked courses (“My Bookmarked Courses”).

If you click on the arrow to the right of a course, you can open the course details.

If a registration procedure has been configured and the registration period is open, you can click on "Course registration" in order to register for the course. For more details see Course registration from winter semester 2020/21 (registration procedures).

Screenshot: Application "Courses"

Filter settings

Using the quick filter above the list you can filter the displayed courses by course title or lecturer.

By clicking on the "Filter" button you can also filter the list of courses by keywords in the content description, language of instruction, course type or courses that are held at a certain place, within a certain date range or regularly on a certain week day or within a certain period of time.

Screenshot: Filter settings

Position in curriculum

How courses are displayed in the curriculum depends on how the degree program and the respective modules are modeled. Courses and exams of a particular module are linked (as so-called course nodes or exam nodes). Each module can be integrated into any number of degree programs and theoretically at any position.

TUMonline only displays the information that was entered during the configuration of the degree program. If a specific course is missing in a degree program, there are essentially three possible reasons for it:

  • The course is part of a module that is not integrated into every degree program
  • The course belongs to several modules, but is not linked to all modules
  • The course belongs to several modules, but not all of the modules are integrated into the degree program

For details about the configuration of modules and degree programs please contact the academic programs office of your school or department.

Online documents and learning material

Click on the course title to obtain details about a specific course. A detailed view will open including information regarding the weekly lecture hours, lecturer(s), course content, dates, registration and online documents:

  • If documents for the course have been prepared, they will be linked in the “Online documents” section.
  • If there are documents for individual lectures, you can find them as part of the information under “Scheduled dates”.
  • For courses using the Moodle learning platform, the link “eLearning course” in the “Online documents” section directly leads to the Moodle course.

Additional information about the online documents and learning material are available on the Course material page.

Further possibilities to find courses

Courses that you are registered

In the tab My Courses you can see an overview of the courses for which you are registered and the registration status (requested voucher, prerequisite fulfilled, fixed place received). During the registration period, depending on the registration procedure, you usually have the possibility to edit your selection of groups and, if necessary, your preference or to cancel your registration.

Courses that you have pre-booked

In the tab Prebooked Courses you can see an overview of the courses you have pre-booked.

Courses of a degree program

You can find the courses in your study program either in the general study plan of your study program (application "Degree Programs") or in your personal study plan (application "Study Status/Curriculum").

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