This is the BTT Seminar Wiki. Over the next couple of months, we will create a knowledge database for everything concerning brain tumor treatment.

There will be three main topics: medical, technical and ethical aspects of brain tumors and their treatment. Every group will work on them independently in their own wiki area (see below).

Meetings where we will present and discuss our findings are every other week with some exceptions, see the schedule for further information.

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Group Spaces

Every group is responsible for their own part of the wiki where they document their research on all topics during the semester. You can make notes, questions, comments and after group discussion update your wiki with answers and insights.

Naming conventions: Start all your pages with your group name and a colon, e.g. "GroupT:"

Schedule (Tentative)

DateTimeTopicConducted byLocationMaterials
  • 26JAN2017
14.30-15.15Preliminary meeting ("Vorbesprechung")

Course Tutors

CAMP Seminar Room, 03.13.010

  • 26APR2017
10.00-12.30Intro Meeting for further explanations (wiki, …), group up and first topic primerCourse Tutors MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 17MAY2017
10.00-12.30Medical 1Group 4MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 31MAY2017
10.00-12.30Medical 2Group 1MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 07JUN2017
10.00-12.30Technical 1Group 3MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 21JUN2017
10.00-12.30Technical 2Group 6 MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 05JUL2017

10.00-12.30Ethical 1 - Research / trialsGroup 5MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 12JUL2017
10.00-12.30Ethical 2 - Treatment (off label use, benefit vs quality of life, cost/insurance)Group 2MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 19JUL2017

Ethical 3 - Robots and other technical improvements

Reflection and Feedback

Group 7MI 03.08.011, Seminarraum (M1/M7)
  • 26JUL2017
22.59Deadline for final wiki hand inall groupsPlease send all your wiki printouts and presentation slides as pdf

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