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The transition to sustainable energy production is the key to combating the climate crisis.

Energy communities driven by citizen engagement have proven successful throughout Germany to promote the regional transition to renewable energy. By fostering democratic participation and sharing profits among members, they also represent an alternative economic model.

At TUM, we have unique conditions for the formation of a special, academic energy community. With the lively community of the TUM family as an expert network, we can bring together competent and committed students, researchers, employees, professors and alumni to realize economically profitable projects for sustainable energy generation via the model of the energy cooperative and also use them academically as a platform for teaching and research.
The engagement of the members of the cooperative is driven by the ecological and social responsibility to limit man-made climate change by substituting fossil fuels as quickly as possible. This is not in contradiction to generating professional economic added value from this commitment. However, the Academic Energy Cooperative as a whole and its long-term goals should benefit from this first and foremost. Only secondarily do the members pursue personal economic interests.

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